Thank you for coming to my page! Now you are about to know a secret regarding how you can keep yourself look younger. One of the most powerful techniques is the Zogan face-creation massage developed by a Japanese charismatic beautician, Yukuko Tanaka. You can buy her DVD with a book through, but unfortunately, the massage is exclusively explained in Japanese. So I have made a PDF explaining the massage in English.

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more about Zogan massage
Additional techniques to keep you look younger


Additional techniques to keep you look younger

I would like to share my experience of other effective techniques to make you keep looking younger. Although it is true that the Zogan massage is a powerful method, I found some other techniques even more enlarge the effectiveness of the Zogan massage. Also importantly, they are all very simple, and the effects appear immediately. You can try one or two or all of the following techniques and confirm the immediate effects in the mirror now.

1. Massage on the forehead
First, please rub your hands together 20 times. Then face to the palms, put the both palms on you forehead, and rub your forehead in the following directions.
(1) from eye brows to the hairline in the middle of your forehead
(2) from the middle to the both sides (i.e. left and right)
Repeat (1) and (2) 10 to 15 times alternately.
You can do this immediately after the Zogan massage. It is better to use massage lotion for the smoothness, not to hurt your skin.

2. Tongue movement 1
Just slide your tongue in and out of your mouth. Please stick it out as much as possible. Do this several 10 times (10 to 100 times if possible, or the number of your age, maybe) at the rate of about one per second. You can gradually increase the number how many times you stick it out so that please do not overexert.

3. Tongue movement 2
Keep your lips shut. Move the tip of your tongue around the inside of the lips. That is, a kind of massage (rubbing) of the lips from inside using the tongue. I usually do like the following.
(1) Put the tip of my tongue at the right of the lips inside.
(2) Go round the tip in a counterclockwise fashion twice.
(3) Go round the tip in a clockwise fashion twice.
(4) Repeat (2) and (3) 5 times.
(5) After a rest of several seconds, do the same thing from the left of the lips.

4. Handmade face lotion
Recently, I make my face lotion by myself. I think it is effective, too. I will write about this in the near future. Please hold on.

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More about Zogan massage

The Zogan massage consists of the following 11 steps and a warm-up.

Warm-up exercise to prompt the flow of lymph
STEP1 Improve the swelling of the forehead and the wrinkles between the eyebrows
STEP2 Remove the swelling around the eyes and improve the puffy eyes
STEP3 Pushing up the downside mouth corners
STEP4 Remove the blots on the nostrils and make the bridge of your nose higher
STEP5 Remove the deep nasolabial grooves and left up the entire cheeks
STEP6 Remove the nasolabial groove in a focused way
STEP7 Remove the fat beside the nasal wings not to make the nasolabial grooves appear
STEP8-1 Dissolve the sags in the areas between the cheekbones and the chin
STEP8-2 Remove the “bulldog line”
STEP9 Remove a double chin and tighten a vague face line
STEP10 Pull up the whole facial sag
STEP11 Erase the transverse wrinkling on the forehead

Approximate time required for whole steps is usually less than 5 minutes if you get familiar to the procedures.

I will talk about my experience. After about 2 months since I started this massage morning and night, I met a friend of mine whom I had not met for about 2 years. At first glance, she yelled at me saying "why! You look so young! You look in your 20's!"
Actually, I was in my 40's... She might be good at compliments but if I looked older than before, she would not say such things, I believe.

Now try by yourself!

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From katia

Hello. I am an extensive follower of the ZOGAN massage technique by Ms. Yukuko Tanaka, a Japanese charismatic beautician. I am sure that using the DVD produced by Ms. Tanaka, you will find this technique also works for people who do not speak Japanese. When I found language difficulties in recommending the DVD to my English-speaking friends, I decided to make a PDF explaining the DVD. Sorry for my awkward English, but I believe it will help you comprehend the contents of the DVD. Please try this technique. It really works. Enjoy your beauty more than now!


This PDF describes just an explanation according to the DVD but not the entire translation or instruction of the massage technique. You cannot fully understand the ZOGAN massage technique unless you watch DVD. For your convenience, I put the approximate time counter of the DVD in this document. You can get the DVD through Japanese bookstores or Amazon Japan ( It is a set of a DVD and a book. The book explains the Zogan massage in Japanese. site of the DVD with the book

I am not a native English speaker. My English may be very strange in some cases. Please use this document only as a reference but watch DVD carefully. Do not believe my English too much. I’m sorry for that!

If you are lucky, you can take a look at something of the ZOGAN massage in the YouTube site ( Please input the following word(s) in the search window. I hope you can recognize Japanese fonts.
造顔(Zogan, coined word that means the creation of a face)
田中宥久子 (TANAKA Yukuko, the name of the charismatic beautician)


Q: What massage cream should I use for the ZOGAN massage?
A: The DVD does not explicitly recommend a specific product. Ms. Tanaka produced 2 cosmetic companies. One is “ SUQQU ”, but she moved from the company. Currently she runs another company called “Y-Method”. Both of them sell different high quality massage creams. They are specifically produced for the purpose of facial massage. Both of them are good for the sliding and stopping of the fingers on the facial skin.

Introduction page of "Gankin massage", a previous form of Zogan massage, in the SUQQU site (please click the second image of the linked page)

Introduction page of "Zogan massage" in the Y-Method site

Q: I’ve found both of the massage creams she produced so expensive. Are there any other options?
A: Many people seem to think so. Some of them choose other massage creams such as those by “Chifure”, “ Ponds ” and others. Other people do the massage just using gel skin lotion. Still others do the massage when they cleanse their makeup using the cleansing cream. I do not recommend doing the massage with no smoothing materials because it may hurt your skin. Please put something such as cream, gel, or soap at least.

Q: Is this ZOGAN technique exclusively beneficial for woman or both for woman and man?
A: I think it is beneficial for both woman and man, although it is not clearly mentioned in the DVD. I’ve read in the Amazon Japan website that male customers recommend men to try the massage, saying “it is MOTTAINAI to restrict the use of it only for woman!”

Q: I’ve heard that Ms. Tanaka is in her 60s but she looks much, much younger. Is she really in her 60s?
A: Yeah, maybe because of her massage technique.

Q: How long should I apply the massage to get good results?
A: Some people say they saw its effects immediately, while others say after some periods. It depends. But I think it comes relatively quickly as compared with other techniques. In any case, I suppose it feels good for you when applying the ZOGAN massage.

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